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Decoding a STEM Degree

STEM – Decoding a STEM Degree Abroad (Part 1) An acronym for four disciplines – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, STEM degrees have been rapidly growing in popularity and STEM courses and graduates, together, are considered as the foundation for innovations. With the surge in the usage of automation now more than ever, the requirement […]

Is it an MBA?

While doing an MBA seems to be an obvious choice for some, for most it often starts as a matter of inquisitiveness. They have heard others do an MBA and have wondered is this the right step for me? How can I be sure whether doing an MBA and investing not just close to $100,000 […]

College application – an Indian perspective (part 2)

In a previous article, we had shown you some typical scenarios of candidates planning for their MBA college application. We have taken a look of candidates from different backgrounds and having different thought processes – you may access it here. Continuing with the theme of our previous article, we look at four more stories in […]