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Our mentors have more than 10 years of experience – they have interacted with more than 8000 students nurtured them and helped them reach their goals. Our mentors are considered experts in global forums like GMATclub and GREprepclub

Sujoy Kr Datta

IIT alumnus, GMAT Q 51 (740) and 9 time CAT 99.5+ percentile holder with 12+ yrs mentoring experience

Over a span of 12 years, he has mentored over 8000 students for CAT, GMAT, GRE, SAT and ACT. An IIT-ian, & a DAAD Scholar, he completed his Masters in Germany

An academician by nature, he has created over 6000 questions and course curriculum for all the above tests. He is widely held as one of the most experienced mentors for test preparation in India

Not only India, he boasts of having successfully mentored students from USA, Brazil, Australia, Bahrain, UAE, Dubai, South Korea, Nigeria, Austria. His students have made it to the IIMs, ISB, Ohio State Univ., Imperial College, XLRI, FMS, to name a few

He makes sure that students understand all the concepts. In standardized tests like GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT & CAT, memorizing formulae doesn’t help in any way. Focusing on concepts and applying the concepts is what is necessary to be able to excel in these tests

When he is not taking classes, he is usually counselling students, designing or watching movies

Indradeep Mazumdar

Mentor for Admissions Consulting and Verbal Ability for test prep with over 10 yrs mentoring experience

Coming from a traditional and overly represented candidate pool (Indian IT male), Indradeep scored 760 on the GMAT. With an excellence scholarship he completed his MBA at AGSM, Australia

Since then, he has worked in consulting (strategy, technology, HR) and in large corporate (as Sr Exec & GM). He has worked with Investment Banks, Private Equity, Financial Services and advised CEOs, CFOs, and Board of Directors

Having run his successful entrepreneurial venture, see how he has used his MBA to harness true competitive advantage, secure funding and developed successful go to market strategies

He is well-known for his expertise in writing & editing SOPs & LORs, assisting in college selection, and more

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Subharghya Mitra

GMAT 730

The VA classes by Sanjay Vasa sir helped me to improve my VA score. Also, the materials and support provided were excellent

Jayati Saha

Univ. of Minnesota

Sujoy is very knowledgeable and knows the GRE exam inside-out. He was persistent and motivated me to do well in the test

Neel Deorukhkar


One of the most talented individuals I’ve come across, Sujoy is a great teacher and has the solution to almost any Quant question that I put forward. I particularly liked his teaching style – He didn’t give answers out easily and made you think till you were able to get the solution on your own. He constantly motivated and encouraged me during my GMAT prep. I’d recommend Sujoy to any taking the GMAT. It was a pleasure learning from you!

Anomitra Banerjee


Sujoy Sir was instrumental with the fundamentals of Quant in GMAT leading to me getting a full score. When I started with Sujoy sir, I was at 46. Sujoy sir put in a lot of effort and made me practice the tough sums as he knew being an engineer I would easily do the medium ones. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to any GMAT aspirant

Samrat Bose

GMAT 720
ESMT Berlin

The best persons to contact for GMAT success – Sirs were responsible for guiding me through study materials and mock tests to increase my score from initial Mock-test results of 600 to a GMAT score of 720 (Q-50 V-38). He is great at conveying complex concepts in manageable chunks of information.

Amrit Sharma

Simon Business School – GRE 320 (170 QA)

The GRE course is tailored according to student needs. The top-notch faculty (they addressed my doubts even at 2 AM) & extensive problem bank made the GRE a cakewalk


SAT Math 790

The teachers are very helpful, and thrives for students to reach their highest potential. Mr. Datta was immensely helpful in preparing my daughter for SAT Math section. She got the highest SAT Math score of 790

Pragya Bhayana

ACT 34

Tutoring classes for ACT Math were very helpful and the techniques taught were useful. Lots of short-cut methods were discussed. I improved my score to 34. I would definitely recommend the classes!

Indushree Banerjee

TU Delft, Netherlands

I had prepared myself and despite knowing the syllabus, I was unable to increase my speed. In only 1 month, he helped me achieve 162/170 in Quantitative. Had I been under his supervision for more than 3 months I am sure to have achieved near perfect scores. He is extremely friendly and helpful – he has the perfect tricks and techniques that helped me boost up my speed and maintain accuracy

Kartik Sharma

GMAT 700
UBC Sauder

In this journey, I have learnt a lot from Indradeep sir – the art of introspection and thereafter selling what the school is looking for. I have thoroughly enjoyed this learning journey with you

Anhad Sadana

Auburn University

Sujoy is one of the most dedicated and patient tutors, puts in lots of effort and keeps motivating – this approach helped he a lot for my GRE

Subhro Jyoti Hazra

GMAT 720
USC Marshall

Mr. Datta was my mentor during my GMAT prep and he is truly a great mentor. I would recommend that anyone thinking about GMAT should at least attend one of his Quant classes. His approach is simply brilliant. I wish him all the success 

Sohni Chakraborty

Univ. of St. Andrews

Being an English Literature student, the very thought of doing math for GRE was extremely scary. Sujoy is extremely patient and identifies your weaknesses very well. He taught me things in context, explaining the smallest of details so that I could understand the logic. He is well aware of the GRE pattern – I would strongly recommend him. I don’t think I would have been able to crack the GRE without his guidance and support