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GMAT course | Q50 A lot of focus was on the conceptual understanding followed by practice questions which helped me achieve the… Read more “Chirag”

Shreyash Manikonda

SAT course | Math 790, English 710 The classes were to the point and very easy to follow. Also, lots of practice helped in fixing the proper exam strategy, thus improving the score. Sujoy sir and Sudeshna ma’am were always available to clear all… Read more “Shreyash Manikonda”

Pulkit Khanna

SAT course | Math 750, English 700 The classes taken by Sujoy sir and Sudeshna ma’am were very detailed and the concepts were explained very easily. There were lots of practice questions and mock tests… Read more “Pulkit Khanna”

Anchita Mitra

SAT Course | Math 790 The classes by Sujoy sir were very informative and helpful. The concepts were discussed in depth and there were lots of mock tests which helped in fine-tuning the… Read more “Anchita Mitra”

Krithika Bhojanala

GMAT | UNC Kenan-Flagler After practicing a lot and giving a lot of mocks I was only able to score Q47 in my GMAT for my first attempt. But, once I enrolled for Sujoy Sir’s classes, I could see a definite improvement. Not only did he clear out my concepts, help me solve harder questions, he taught me how to approach each question in order to save time during the exam. After his classes, I was able to score 710, with Q50. Thank you… Read more “Krithika Bhojanala”

Anchit Jalan

CAT course | IIM Kozhikode Sujoy Sir’s unique way of teaching helped me out with my CAT preparation and I scored a 98.08 percentile which would not have been possible without him. He has the capability to bring out the best in every… Read more “Anchit Jalan”

Pallav Chakraborty

CAT course | IIM Nagpur Sujoy Sir’s guidance and all the help from Team CUBIX helped me convert IIM Nagpur on my first try at CAT in 2020. His able guidance and continuous mentoring has helped me a lot and I was able to convert IIM Nagpur along with a few other top B-schools. I can vouch that he is a great mentor and definitely recommend others to seek his guidance for the B-School… Read more “Pallav Chakraborty”

Tanjeet Singh Wadhwa

SPJAT | SPJIMR Excellent coach, highly flexible, in-depth knowledge of the subject, but firm and push you beyond boundaries so that you can excel in exams. I owe lot to him for preparing and pushing me so hard to crack entrance exams. Shall rate him10/10. Thank… Read more “Tanjeet Singh Wadhwa”

Ishani Das

SPJAT | SPJIMR Sujoy Datta was my mentor for SPJAT entrance exam. He taught me for about 10 classes and helped me crack the entrance. He is extremely patient and an excellent coach. I owe it to… Read more “Ishani Das”

Judhajeet Biswas

CAT course | IMT Ghaziabad Sujoy Datta was my mentor for my MBA entrance test preparation – CAT 2021, SNAP 2021 and XAT 2022 from June 2021 to November 2021. I’m happy to say that Sujoy’s proficiency in the subject and his amazing teaching skills went a long way in helping me with the preparations. His unique approach to teaching Quants and DI theories and breaking down the complex concepts to the fundamentals helped me grasp the study material fast. His self curated and self created question bank was an indisputable resource. What truly sets him apart is the rare… Read more “Judhajeet Biswas”


GRE Quant course Really competent and empathetic teacher that really helped me a lot with the quant section for the GRE, can highly… Read more “Clemens”

Neal Gupta

ACT course | Math 33, Science 35 Sujoy Datta is one of the most experienced teachers I have met. He knows the tricks to master the ACT Math. Preparing with Mr. Sujoy helped me successfully excel my ACT. Also, the large number of ACT mock tests also helped… Read more “Neal Gupta”


SAT | Math 760 Sujoy sir worked with me for my SAT math section. I was able to learn many new concepts and was able to apply the… Read more “Pratyush”


PSAT course | PSAT 1340 (1520) I am from USA and have been a part of the online PSAT program with Sujoy Kr Datta and Sudeshna ma’am. They helped me a lot by explaining the tough concepts and cleared my… Read more “Tanmaya”

Sanya Ahuja

SAT course | 700 E, 760 M (1460) I am from USA and have been a part of the online SAT program with Sujoy Kr Datta. From my experience, Sujoy sir and Sudeshna ma’am are the best mentors for the SAT. I improved a lot from my previous attempt – thanks to… Read more “Sanya Ahuja”

Surya Ramaraju

ACT classes | Math 33, Science 33 Amazing teacher very friendly and very motivating as well. He is always willing to help us and never neglect our… Read more “Surya Ramaraju”

Chahat Walia

CAT one-on-one | SPJIMR, IMT, NMIMS Mumbai A great learning place if you are looking for CAT preparations – I was guided by Sujoy sir, he was immensely helpful in my preparation of quantitative aptitude, not only his teaching methods are unique but are also easily understandable. Alongside, sir is approachable at all times for clearing doubts and mentoring. I would highly recommend this institute to anyone preparing for MBA… Read more “Chahat Walia”

Akshay Kala

GMAT (QA) one-on-one | Q50 Sujoy explains Math in a very simple way and makes solving math a lot of fun. His methods are logical, really efficient and useful. I completed the entire QA with Sujoy and he was instrumental in clearing all my… Read more “Akshay Kala”

Aditya Pugalia

SAT Classes | SAT 1490 Sujoy sir is an amazing teacher and makes complex topics seem very easy. Math is fun when he… Read more “Aditya Pugalia”

Jai Choraria

SAT Course | SAT 1450 A great mentor, a great friend, he made SAT classes really worth going. A great inspiration for all of… Read more “Jai Choraria”

Rohit Tarafder

ACT Classes | Loughborough University It was a very pleasant experience. I could understand all the concepts that were taught to me in… Read more “Rohit Tarafder”

Abhishek Jakhmola

CAT | IIM Indore My preparation for CAT began in the month of September which was pretty late, at least I felt so. However, with the right guidance from Sujoy Sir, I was able to handle my weak areas well. His consistent motivation goes a long way in the CAT journey. It was the very dedicated mentorship of sir that assisted me in this… Read more “Abhishek Jakhmola”

Poulami Chakraborty

GRE | Ohio State University (full scholarship) I found the technique of teaching very good, specially the ways that were taught to do sums quickly was really helpful. I was helped a lot in English with my vocab and RC, tests were often taken which helped a lot. Further, I even found the teaching environment pretty comfortable so that I could voice my doubts repeatedly even on the same topic and I was always helped. The timings were also very flexible. Overall, the classes really helped me a lot to perform well in… Read more “Poulami Chakraborty”

Sidharth Sethi

GMAT course | Q50 Best teacher for any competitive exam. Extraordinarily good teaching skills, always available for any doubts, spends quality time with students even after class hours and very helpful in clearing important… Read more “Sidharth Sethi”

Jahin Zaman

SAT one-on-one | 740 E, 790 M (1530) I took SAT-Math with Mr. Sujoy and SAT-English class with Mrs. Sudeshna. Both of them are hardworking, punctual and sincere teachers. I liked the way they teach and learned a lot from them. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your… Read more “Jahin Zaman”

Drew Meyer

GMAT QA one-on-one When I started working with Sujoy, I was at 42. The day of our first meeting that I knew my search for the perfect quant tutor was over; I mean, the guy is a wiz. From the beginning of our sessions to my actual exam, Sujoy helped me improve from a Q42 to a Q49. Working with Sujoy was a huge confidence booster; he not only helped me with the tricks, tips, and tactics necessary to ace the Quant but also instilled in me the belief that I could actually improve. Having the right mindset is key… Read more “Drew Meyer”


SAT one-on-one Sujoy worked with me for weeks to prepare for my SAT math section. I was able to learn more concepts and apply that learning. He is a good teacher to teach you new (and multiple) ways to solve problems. Also, he provides a lot of extra study materials and practice problems. 5 star if you want someone who responds quickly and teaches new… Read more “Lola”

Mari Mkhitaryan

GMAT QA one-on-one I have completed one-month course of GMAT with instructor Sujoy. This course enabled me to increase my score from Q43 to Q47 (even reaching to Q49 in my practice tests). The instructor also shared some tips and tricks to solve hard problems in an easier and less time consuming way. His customized study plan enabled me to concentrate on my weaknesses and improve my result. He also provided useful material to strengthen the acquired… Read more “Mari Mkhitaryan”

Vedant Seksaria

SAT | University of Warwick Mr. Kumar is one of the most experienced teachers i have met. He knows the tricks to master the SAT. Studying under Mr. Kumar helped me successfully excel my SAT. More than the SAT. He creates a student friendly environment providing a helping hand to students when and where they… Read more “Vedant Seksaria”

Aleena Chanda

GRE Course | Univ. of Nebraska The math classes were quite helpful and the techniques taught by the teachers helped to solve the sums quickly. The English classes were also quite effective. Sir helped us understand the techniques for solving reading comprehension which became very useful . Also we learned a lot of new words which is a very important part of GRE. The class timings were quite… Read more “Aleena Chanda”

Soham Majumder

CAT course | MDI, NITIE Mumbai He is one of the best in the teaching industry when it comes to QA for MBA entrance examinations. He’s always there to help, whenever you need it. His methods and techniques are absolutely precise and apt for being able to bell the QA section in any MBA entrance… Read more “Soham Majumder”

Victor Bose

CAT course | XLRI, NMIMS One of the best teachers anyone can have. Always made sure that we understood a concept behind a sum completely. Sir was forever ready to clear doubts irrespective of what time it was. Best of all, the questions sir can conjure on the spot is beyond… Read more “Victor Bose”

Anmol Agarwal

CAT course | IIM Shillong, IMI Sir has an excellent knowledge of the CAT course and is very thorough with the preparation. He guided me throughout the whole process including the college selections. Thank you… Read more “Anmol Agarwal”

Debmalya Dutta

CAT course | IIM Ranchi Easily, amongst one of the very best in his trade. He has mastered the art of mathematics beyond excellence, and will always be willing to share his wealth of experience with you. No matter which level you belong to, trust him to have a strategy for you to excel. He will go out of his ways to help you out. I often used to seek help on concepts at odd hours of the day, and he almost always came up with a response within minutes. The result was that my percentiles got a… Read more “Debmalya Dutta”

Lakshita Sharma

SAT Math course | Math 760 I took classes for SAT math for over 6 months and every class in that period was super helpful. I was able to improve my score and learn new techniques that worked best with my personal learning style. Even though I was taking classes internationally, the time was suited to what works best for me, and I was able to ask questions at any point and receive a quick reply. I would highly recommend for SAT… Read more “Lakshita Sharma”

Rakhi Raizada

GMAT course | ISB Sujoy Sir has trained me for MBA entrance examination. He is one of the best teachers I have come across. The pedagogy which he follows is superb, making sure the student understands the underlying logic of the subject instead of just mugging up the things. I received his full support at every stage of my preparation. It was a wonderful experience. The pedagogy followed is superb. My hearty thanks to the entire team for helping me in achieving my goal that is converted ISB. A big yes to Sujoy… Read more “Rakhi Raizada”

Chandana Veluri

Daughter attended SAT course If you are a parent like me in the US and are wondering if Indian standards of English teaching will meet your child’s needs, you are not alone. I was skeptical too. But my experience with this institute proved me otherwise. My son is in 9th grade at a public school system in the US. He took the English PSAT/SAT prep Course over summer and it gave him a good head start. Sudeshna ma’am’s teaching style was very likable to my child. She provided timely feedback. I appreciate the flexibility she showed in rescheduling some classes… Read more “Chandana Veluri”

Ravin Kapoor

Son attended SAT course Thank you for making my son ready for SAT exam. I would like to highly recommend Sujoy and his team for our fantastic coaching experience. We live in USA CA and looking for good coach who can teach mathematics to our son Aradhya. We were fortunate to connect with Sujoy and really happy with the progress. He and his team is dedicated in making learning part of students with focused practical approach. Very discipline and punctual which enhanced learning experience – highly recommended and keep it… Read more “Ravin Kapoor”

Shalaka Wikhe

GRE course Sujoy sir is an extremely great teacher. He is highly motivating and had answers to any question asked. His way of teaching concepts is very innovative and easily understandable. I highly recommend Sujoy sir for competitive… Read more “Shalaka Wikhe”

Anshul Kakkar

GRE course I took my GRE Classes from here. The classes were very helpful in understanding the core concepts. The overall experience was awesome. It wasn’t just a class but an interactive session. He explains the concepts very well in a way that is understood without any… Read more “Anshul Kakkar”


CAT course | NITIE, IIM A, IIM K Joined here for the preparation for CAT. Awesome teachers and their techniques. Loved the way they taught and always present when had a doubt. 5star for their efforts made. Thank… Read more “Shrayosi”

Shankha Mukherjee

CAT course | IIM Ranchi Experienced faculty with varieties of math tricks. He changed the way I looked at mathematics and mathematical aptitude… Read more “Shankha Mukherjee”

Alisa Basak

CAT course | SCMHRD, SIBM I have received a lot of learning from the mentors. They have been extremely helpful and always showed the right part to ace the target. The continuous guidance helped me to convert SCMHRD, IIM Ranchi, XIMB, Tapmi, KJ Somayia, SIIB, SIBM Bangalore, GreatLakes… Read more “Alisa Basak”

Fahad Taslim

CAT course | CAT 99.84 | IIM Calcutta He’s probably the best teacher in Kolkata. If you really want to rise above the mediocrity, he is the one to consult. The concepts are not done in an ordinary way because that is not the point of competitive exams. He carries rich experience and even richer… Read more “Fahad Taslim”

Shreyan Gupta

GMAT one-on-one | GMAT 730 (Q50) Owing to Mr. Sujoy Kumar Datta’s meticulous teaching technique and focus on the basics, I was able to score a 730 in the GMAT Examination with sectional break-up of Q50 and V39. He has definitely filled in my gaps of concepts and has changed my strategy of attempting questions. I am indebted to… Read more “Shreyan Gupta”

Gopal Mundhra

CAT | SPJIMR He’s probably the best quant teacher in Kolkata. If you really want to rise above the mediocrity, he is the one to consult. The concepts are not done in an ordinary way because that is not the point of competitive exams. He carries rich experience and even richer… Read more “Gopal Mundhra”

Hrishav Roy

CAT course | Symbiosis I prepared here for the last 6 months to CAT and had a wonderful experience. Very caring and experienced teachers here. Loved the way they taught and would recommend all to join for the preparation. Teachers always available for solving the doubts. All the… Read more “Hrishav Roy”

Ahana Batabyal

CAT course | SIBM Sujoy sir is a very good teacher. He explains really well and is always available for any doubts we have. All the teachers are very supportive and dedicate a lot of time to all the students and make sure we do really… Read more “Ahana Batabyal”

Subhro Jyoti Hazra

GMAT 720 Cornell USC Marshall ESADE Mr. Datta was my mentor during my GMAT prep and he is truly a great mentor. I would recommend that anyone thinking about GMAT should at least attend one of his Quant classes. His approach is simply brilliant. I wish him all the… Read more “Subhro Jyoti Hazra”


SAT Math 790 The teachers are very helpful, and thrives for students to reach their highest potential. Mr. Datta was immensely helpful in preparing my daughter for SAT Math section. She got the highest SAT Math score of… Read more “Madhvi”

Pragya Bhayana

ACT 34 Tutoring classes for ACT Math were very helpful and the techniques taught were useful. Lots of short-cut methods were discussed. I improved my score to 34. I would definitely recommend the… Read more “Pragya Bhayana”

Samrat Bose

GMAT 720 ESMT Berlin Cambridge ISB The best persons to contact for GMAT success – Sirs were responsible for guiding me through study materials and mock tests to increase my score from initial Mock-test results of 600 to a GMAT score of 720 (Q-50 V-38). He is great at conveying complex concepts in manageable chunks of… Read more “Samrat Bose”

Subharghya Mitra

GMAT 730 The VA classes by Sanjay Vasa sir helped me to improve my VA score. Also, the materials and support provided were… Read more “Subharghya Mitra”

Amrit Sharma

Simon Business School – GRE 320 (170 QA) The GRE course is tailored according to student needs. The top-notch faculty (they addressed my doubts even at 2 AM) & extensive problem bank made the GRE a… Read more “Amrit Sharma”

Neel Deorukhkar

GMAT Q50 One of the most talented individuals I’ve come across, Sujoy is a great teacher and has the solution to almost any Quant question that I put forward. I particularly liked his teaching style – He didn’t give answers out easily and made you think till you were able to get the solution on your own. He constantly motivated and encouraged me during my GMAT prep. I’d recommend Sujoy to any taking the GMAT. It was a pleasure learning from… Read more “Neel Deorukhkar”

Jayati Saha

Univ. of Minnesota Sujoy is very knowledgeable and knows the GRE exam inside-out. He was persistent and motivated me to do well in the… Read more “Jayati Saha”

Anhad Sadana

Auburn University Sujoy is one of the most dedicated and patient tutors, puts in lots of effort and keeps motivating – this approach helped he a lot for my… Read more “Anhad Sadana”

Indushree Banerjee

TU Delft, Netherlands I had prepared myself and despite knowing the syllabus, I was unable to increase my speed. In only 1 month, he helped me achieve 162/170 in Quantitative. Had I been under his supervision for more than 3 months I am sure to have achieved near perfect scores. He is extremely friendly and helpful – he has the perfect tricks and techniques that helped me boost up my speed and maintain… Read more “Indushree Banerjee”

Anomitra Banerjee

GMAT Q51 Sujoy Sir was instrumental with the fundamentals of Quant in GMAT leading to me getting a full score. When I started with Sujoy sir, I was at 46. Sujoy sir put in a lot of effort and made me practice the tough sums as he knew being an engineer I would easily do the medium ones. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to any GMAT… Read more “Anomitra Banerjee”

Sohni Chakraborty

Univ. of St. Andrews Being an English Literature student, the very thought of doing math for GRE was extremely scary. Sujoy is extremely patient and identifies your weaknesses very well. He taught me things in context, explaining the smallest of details so that I could understand the logic. He is well aware of the GRE pattern – I would strongly recommend him. I don’t think I would have been able to crack the GRE without his guidance and… Read more “Sohni Chakraborty”


CAT course | NMIMS It all started in the month of when I went over to discuss the whole preparation scene and I was instantaneously overwhelmed by Sujoy sir’s approach. Since then I’ve been taking regular classes and mocks. I’ve found the teaching approach and mocks really helpful. All of the teachers have been really supportive throughout the whole… Read more “Tirthankar”