Drew Meyer

GMAT QA one-on-one

When I started working with Sujoy, I was at 42. The day of our first meeting that I knew my search for the perfect quant tutor was over; I mean, the guy is a wiz. From the beginning of our sessions to my actual exam, Sujoy helped me improve from a Q42 to a Q49. Working with Sujoy was a huge confidence booster; he not only helped me with the tricks, tips, and tactics necessary to ace the Quant but also instilled in me the belief that I could actually improve. Having the right mindset is key when going into a high-stakes exam like the GMAT, and I was not worried or nervous at all while taking the Quant section because of the attitudes he instilled in me. Don’t waste your time looking for the right tutor. Just give him a call

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